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Some words about the author.

    Eric W. Schwartz was born November 27, 1971 in Dayton, Ohio.  His
parents, Ronald and Jacqueline Schwartz, came from Indiana, but luckily Eric
did not share this poor heritage.  Eric always had an interest in drawing,
and did it constantly, much to the annoyance of some of his teachers (one
particularly short-sighted instructor punished Eric for drawing in class by
forcing him to draw constantly through a detention period, on the assumption
that he would tire of it).  Anyway, Eric Schwartz never drew again - OK,
well that didn't happen.  Later on, Eric showed a little more discipline
regarding when and where to make drawings, and he also found some teachers
willing to support his talents, so his craft improved.

    Another big step in Eric's life happened in December 1988, when he got
his first Amiga.  He started producing pictures and animations, and
releasing them as freely distributable software, all with a simple Amiga 500
with one meg of RAM (it now has 4 1/2 megs and an external floppy drive).
This gained him a certain popularity with Amiga owners, and later with
animal character fans, often known as "Furries".  Several years and three
Amigas later, Eric is still producing, with a higher quality than before,
and new works are fewer and farther between.

A picture of Eric, taken by Ray Dyer.

Information stolen from the ES productions CD Archive. Hope no one disagrees.