You found the secret part.

So? You've won.
The challange is over,there's nothing more to win.
Shut down your computer. Do something else.
Go outside. Get some fresh air.
Sitting in front if a computer doesn't make you happier.
Do you want to stare at a rectangular screen for the rest of your life?
I don't.
That's why I don't work with computers. It's just a hobby.
For you who didn't know, I'll tell you that I'm not a "furry". I just like the comic,and the skill of the artist...

Amy watches MyCaddyMyCaddy

Wojo hates chiptunes.He's also lazy.
I'm forced to use blackmail to make him do anything else than look on silly kopplungknopfes and answering all my stupid mails.

Greetings to Mark,Mark and Mark.
If another Sabrina fan named Mark out there wants to contact me,
please consider a name change. This is getting very confusing.