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The following two pages contain most of Eric's pictures he has released himself. I won't publish those images he sells through the "ES Productions" because he is still trying to make some money on them. It would be unfair to do so. Another reason is because I'm so lazy.
I know, there are a lot of pictures missing, but I'll try to catch up sooner or later.

According to Sabrina strip 49 he's not really swimming in gold, and who is?
Be brave! Do your part! Support the starving artist by ordering from the ES Productions.

OK, the catalogs are availeble at Eric's place too now, I'm just too lazy to remove them, but Hey, I was first! ;)
Page 1 The main orderform.
Page 2 The Print media page.
Page 3 The Apparel page.
Page 4 Video page. Please read this important information.
Page 5 Adult prints.

Go on!


For you die hard Sabrina freaks, you can always download the "Plight of the artist",his last and best moviesetter animation,or why not download everything from his own Aminet directory?
A new windows program named WinMP by Richard Mulder,allows PC users to watch moviesetter anims. Great.
However, if you have a Macintosh or some other strange computer, or OS, you can try this gif animation made by Mark F White.
The frames are shrunk,some are missing (my fault) and there's no sound. But, hey, it works.

If protracker.datatype is installed (Amiga only) you're listening to the "Plight of the artist" intro right now (by JellyBean/Reflect , made for a trackmo called "Sound vision").

If you are curious in using moviesetter, you can get it right here beneath. For you PC-only users, the only way to get it working, is to use it in the UAE amiga emulator.

Moviesetter_1.dms , Moviesetter_2.dms , The needed codewords. Screenshots: 1 2.