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Introduction to some of the characters.
Sabrina Amy Thomas Tabitha
Most info taken from the "ES girls multimedia demo".
Amiga Format "review"


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Sabrina the skunk, our main character.

Profile: An urbanite and an Ex-Art Student. Sabrina is smart and cute with a good sense of humor,she likes Ren & Stimpy cartoons (First 1 1/2 seasons only), Animaniacs, and Mystery Science Theater 3000, but few people know much about her because her shyness, and self conciousness about a less than perfect figure keep her from getting close to anyone. An unfortunate thing, because like many shy folk, Her offbeat humor, wit, and creative side are only revealed to those who have made the effort to get to know her.Sabrina is 22(?) years old.


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Amy the squirrel, Sabrina's roomate.

Profile: Amy fits the old T-shirt inscription, "51% sweetheart, 49% bitch" She likes to be in control of a situation, but if she loses control and becomes riled, she has the capacity to be the scariest, most elemental force you've ever dealt with. Actually, she's mellowed quite a bit over the years. Earlier in her life, she could be classified as a "Man-hater", even though she technically wasn't. It's understandable, considering her less than perfect times 'At the Movies' with a jerk of a squirrel named Stan. Since those early days, Amy has gained some modesty (She's taken to wearing blouses from time to time), and shares an apartment with Sabrina , all while avoiding relations with the opposite sex for the most part - until.. One day Amy met a student at Sabrina's college, a handsome young wolf by the name of Thomas. Amy and Thomas found an immediate mutual attraction that blossomed into love, mainly because Thomas is such a nice Guy. And yup!, they're married by now!
In the "A walk in the park" animation (availeble on VHS only) we can see that Amy works as a nurse at a local hospital.Amy is 26(?) years old.


Thomas Woolfe, Amy's husband.

He's a wolf, he's Amy's boyfriend and he's very nice.
Thomas has "mixed parents", which in this case means his dad is a (very big) wolf and his mom is a fox. In comics and in sci-fi stories everything is possible. He's married to Amy by now, and it must be very hard to find a more handsome husband than Thomas!
Thomas was originally created by
Michael Higgs.



The Vixen sisters, Tammy and Sheila

Tammy was originally a wild fox from the woods, Tammy's a bit ignorant of the protocols of living in civilization, and its up to her boyfriend Tor the Dog (as appeared in the "Dating Game" Flip the Frog cartoon) to teach her. ..or was until recently. She's not stupid, far from it. She's just too used to her old ways.
However, she would seem ultra-conservative compared to her older sister, Sheila Vixen, a busty and impulsive vixen barely willing to learn what is required to be accepted in the civilized world. Luckily, Sheila has a patient man to assist her.
After Tor's death, Eric decided to retire Tammy, but in my opinion, the "Tammy pinup"-picture is the best he ever made.
None of them will probably appear in the Sabrina online comic, I just implemented them here in the name of information.



Tabitha, Sabrina's younger sister.

Almost all little kids are cute,hyperactive and often very annoying. Tabitha is no exception.
Tabitha's lines are directly swiped from Mindy of Animaniacs.


Mike, the fox.

Mike is Sabrina's ex-(?)boyfriend. He was seen in "Sabrina at see-Cad" but he seems gone nowadays(?). Mike is based on
Michael Higgs.
Picture of Mike.