LogoMain pageStripsArtCharactersLinksComic LinksCopyrightAboutXmastree-Nobby! our hero First of all: "Copyright" is a stupid and boring word. I suggest all people would replace "Copyright" with "Carrotcake" or any funnier word.
Most graphics, and characters are 1999 Eric W. Schwartz. The character of Thomas Woolfe was created by Michael Higgs, and is carrotcaked to him. the character is used in Sabrina Online with his permission (Eric's pretty sure). Commercial rights reserved.
My bad English is carrotcaked to my old english teacher.
The button font is stolen from a Mac computer.

This page itself is not carrotcaked at all. Help yourselves.
..but it's always nice when people ask before taking anything.

All this was made using: (For you people who want to know)
An Amiga 1200 in a Powertower, ROM 3.1
Micronik internal scandoubler.
Zorro IV bus board.
V-LAB Video digitizer.
BlizzardPPC 603e+/240 060/60 ,96MB ram.
Blizzardvision Permedia2 8MB gfx board.
Cybervision 64 3D gfx board.
Repulse 24 bit sound board.
One 15' and one 19' monitor. (yes! dual screens!)
4500 +1200 +850 +540 +420 +80 +40 MB SCSI & IDE HD's
Software used: PPaint 7.1, ArtEffect,
Photogenics 1.2,TVPaint & some more..
Some newer screenshot. (I'm busy as you can see).

Peter Pettersson