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Links to a few comic sites on the web.

If you are interested in comics, I suggest you to read this page about The ideal comics syndicate. That syndicate doesn't exist, because the syndicates in our times behaves more or less like gods, telling the author how and what to draw. Of course they keep most of the money too..
A brilliant example of a comic that doesn't belong to any syndicate is "The Swamp" by Gary Clark from Brisbane Australia. (Thanks to James E baker for the link)
Gary's wife (forgot her name,sorry) sells her husbands comic to newspapers and comic magazines all over the world. This means they have the full control and rights over the comic.
I don't know how big that comic is, but it's not small anymore.

The internet is a great media for comics. It costs almost nothing to publish it, it can be reached by readers all over the world lightning fast and it doesn't cost them anything to read.
"Advertising" will be self-generated, people who likes the comic will put links to it, and therefore more and more people will read it.
Sooner or later (hopefully?) the comic's populatity will be so big that syndicates and newspapers will be interested. Then the comic author finally can make some money on his work, if he/she wants ,of course.

Links to various syndicates.
United Media

There you can find..

THE comic strip. By Charles M Schulz. It was the biggest comic strip in the world, appeared in over 2500 newspapers.
If you miss peanuts.. ..please go here. Very nice page.
By Jim Meddick
By Scott Adams. Dilbert is the fastest growing comic strip in newspapers, appearing in more than 1,400 papers worldwide.
Nancy By by Guy and Brad Gilchrist.
The Jerry Scott version was better. ;-)
Betty by Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen. Very good.
The Buckets

By Scott Stantis. A family of the 90's
Universal Express

There you can find..

Calvin & Hobbes By Bill Wattersson. The first two years of C&H were absolutely brilliant.
Close to home By John MacPherson. Great gags, not-so-good drawings.
Foxtrot By Bill Amend
Garfield By Jim Davis. He was also the author of "US acres"
By Tim Martin

King Features The biggest syndicate.
Beetle Bailey By Mort Addison Walker
Blondie By Dean Young and Denis Lebrun
Boner's ark By Frank Johnson
Hägar the horrible By Chris Browne. Dik's version was much better..
Hi and Lois Written by Greg & Brian Walker.Drawn by Chance Browne.
Redeye By Bill Yates & Mel Casson. This version sucks compared to Gordon Bess'.
Sam & Silo By Jerry Dumas. Anyone remember "Sam's strip"?
Tiger By Bud Blake.

Links to various stand-alone sites

International cartoon museum Located in Boca Raton, Florida.
Webcomics That's right! Comics on the web.
Freefall By Mark Stanley.
Sherman's Lagoon By Jim Toomey.
Pluggers By Jeff MacNelly, drawn by Gary Brookins.
Mother goose & Grimmy By Mike Peters
Buckles By David Gilbert.
Ernie By Bud Grace. Beware of the piranha!.
Cartoonists Index By Daryl Cagle. Tons of links.
Shoe By Jeff MacNelly.
Kevin & Kell By Bill Holbrook. This comic inspired Eric a lot.

National cartoonists society. The reuben award is like the Nobel Prize for comic authors.
Madame & Eve

Very good South African comic.

European comics on the web

This place has a truckload of links.
Asterix By Uderzo
Franka By Henk Kuijpers.
Cocco Bill Insane western by Benito Jacovitti
Gaston By André Franquin.
Iznogoud "I want to be the caliph instead of the caliph". By Jean Tabary
Lucky Luke Western by Morris.
Marsupilami Have you ever been in Palombia? By André Franquin + several more
Clever & Smart Probably the most insane comic in the world. Worth a look at. By Fransisco Ibañez.
Modesty Blaise By Peter O'Donnell
Tintin By Hergé
Spirou By André Franquin + Tome & Janry.
Yoko Tsuno By Roger Leloup. One of the best drawn comics in the world. Picture